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Kratom’s Fate The Future Of Our Country And The Aftermath Of Prohibition

I want to talk a little about what may or may not occur if this plant gets banned.

For those of you just finding out about kratom, a plant closely related to coffee, it has been helping millions of Americans over the years find an alternative for relief of all sorts.

What kind of relief? well it’s been said by many if used responsibly you can find short term and long term pain management, anxiety relief, stress relief and ofcourse energy and focus depending what you are seeking.

Now The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has deemed kratom unfit for human consumption and has restricted what can be said about it’s potential uses.

To keep this post short simply, if banned not only will there be major push back by the people but more so we will begin to see a black market arise for research chemicals, illicit drugs, heroin and synthetic opiods and much more. Prohibition doesn’t work, for nearly a century we have been oppressed and under educated about natural resources including plant healing.

Marijuana is just one example that is in main stream now, but not too long ago it wasn’t and had been oppressed by powerful groups for a long time, a plant folks, a plant…

So, if a ban on kratom is to proceed the likely hood of illegal markets such as illicit drugs (heroin laced with fentynol), drug trafficking, more black market pharma drugs and potentially more deaths will probably rise creating another national epidemic. 

Be part of the solution and call your congressman today! Lets save lives.

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Visa And Mastercard Shut Down Kratom And CBD Worldwide Fight Back Now!

So it’s beginning, the beginning of something huge. Though these credit card processing shutdowns have been going on for a couple years now.


Whats different in this case is we are not just a web based business. Ark Smoke Shop has a physical location with over 5 years of sustainable growth and impact on the community as a whole.


For Visa And Mastercard to decide they no longer want to participate with kratom and cbd transactions are fair however there should be fair notice don’t you think?

On May 3rd, 2018, I believe it was a Wednesday. I received a call on our business phone line and it was a woman asking if we sold kratom and or cbd. Mind you I was swamped in store at this point. I figured it’s a customer inquiry no big deal, so I replied “Yes, we do have kratom and cbd” which her response was “is the owner available to speak” my question was who’s asking?

She claimed she was from high risk department of merchant services (First Data Payment) and that my account will be shutdown in-store and online for carrying these life saving plant based products. No warning, no appeal options. I asked ofcourse why can’t I just remove them, and she replied “we have no way to verify your inventory”


Fair enough but it gets worse… I attempt to try other company’s and I got denied over and over again. It turns out I was placed on a list for (do not do business with) just for carrying kratom and cbd products. Very strange


So I dig deeper talk with professionals in the industry and it turns out there are a lot of company’s popping up left and right selling bad kratom or cbd which are harming people and sometimes worse. I understand this to be pretty serious however, if you purchase from reputable establishments who take pride in their work, customer service and quality overall then you’ll be fine.

If the price is too good to be true then it is. It costs real money to test these products when they arrive from over seas, so yes when you purchase cheap kratom or cbd you are taking the risk of possibly harming yourself or a loved one all for the sake of saving a buck, it’s not worth it.


I’ve sold kratom and cbd for 5 years now in store and online and I take my suppliers very seriously, I care about quality products not hype or price because these products work if used properly and guided by experienced individuals like myself on others on youtube who share their experiences.


I know first hand these products are safe when used properly, there are no adverse long term or short term effects of either kratom or cbd when used properly, however if kratom is abused you will build a tolerance and become dependent if you allow.


In all honesty its the powerful medicine companys out there fighting back against products that are natural and safe. The ban on these products failed a couple years back,


so now they are coming after small merchants like myself for effectively sharing the holistic healing plants that mother nature provides.


I was specifically told if I remove these from my store and website then maybe I can get a account to accept credit and debit cards in the shop on the website


Difficult Times we live in now, hard to believe that in 2018 the powers that be can still tell us what we can and can not put in our bodies including when the facts are clear as day (they are losing profits big time)

My store and website may no longer be able to accept credit/debit cards but it’s ok because these products are Legal throughout the nation,

I have setup multiple alternative payment options in store and online which are working now.


My recommendation? Bitcoin! Seriously take a look at this.


I say it because I believe it is an important medium we as a society need to destroy the complex control they have dominated us with for a century.


Don’t worry $ (money) isn’t going anywhere! Thats why I said Bitcoin is the medium. What do I mean?

I mean that currency is still necessary for trade. Whats not necessary is the banking control and payment control systems they have in place.

Don’t you think you should have the right and discretion to send money where you want and to whom you want without question. Not saying Bitcoin needs to replace currency or that it is a safe invest vehicle, I’m saying

Thats the medium Bitcoin offers all of us, Freedom from these crazy company’s terms of use contracts and banking schemes designed to make money on your money for someone else.

Try it and see what I’m talking about, Right now

If you checkout with

Bitcoin and Use Promo Code: FREEDOMCOIN25

you’ll save 25% on your entire order

a little incentive to try, witness for yourself the power of Freedom Of Choice

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Pain And Anxiety A Natural Holistic Approach

Pain and pain management is a serious problem with little or no medical long term treatment. If your one of the millions of Americans suffering from pain or anxiety it’s time for a change.

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K Vape Kratom Vape Juice A New Way To Enhance Your Kratom Experience

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Sick of the way kratom tastes going down? Well your not the only one, a serious problem if your taking kratom powder. Now introducing a new way to take your kratom. If you like kratom but don’t like the taste now you can vape it with K Vape a natural zero tobacco zero nicotine product designed for true kratom users and vapers.

You Can use this product as is in your tank or use it as an additive it’s up to you. So if you already vape and take kratom give it a try.

When taking kratom orally it usually takes up to 30 minutes to kick in, while in a vape device the powerful healing properties of kratom activate almost instantaneously because it’s taken in by the lungs and then to the blood stream. Compared to orally that has to pass through your body and metabolize before taking effect.

All in all very exciting product and they come in different strains and flavors.