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Should Legal Weed Have THC Limits: Today’s Daily Dose

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Welcome back everyone today’s cannabis news now brings us this idea that THC should have limits on it’s strength but I’d like to offer another perspective on the matter.

The idea that long term use of cannabis at these very high strengths is the direct cause of the symptoms associated with what the test groups have reported is what I’d like to argue against to show that perhaps there maybe another element to this that can shed a little more light on why some are experiencing symptoms such as;




and more.

What was mentioned in the article is that these have been reported by individuals under the age of 20 and with long term chronic use. I first ask why just that group, is there any other age group in there, but sadly couldn’t find data on it but I question why would we just focus on that small group to conclude that the suggestion of capping strength is a prudent one.

Furthermore I do know of a couple of instances where this has happened, here in California edibles were capped to 500mg when they used to be 1000mg and in the state of Vermont who put a cap on flower at 30% and concentrates at 60%.

My point is that there is something missing in all of this cannabis whether it be flower or concentrate, I feel the critical piece of the puzzle to address the issues with some of these symptoms are the naturally occurring cannabinoids found on cannabis flower, or used to be found I should say.

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