PHRENZE Red 30ct

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  • 30ct Bottle

Choose Phrenze Red when you need to hit pause. Phrenze Red is made up of phenibut, kava, noopept, vitaminB6, and beta alanine, so you can slow down and feel the benefits of your break.

Kava Extract
Aloe Vera Powder
Vitamin B6

*Proprietary formula


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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

10 reviews for PHRENZE Red 30ct

  1. Anonymous

    Very relaxing, helps manage my daily stress levels would recommend for high anxiety or stress aid.

  2. Emily Tamore

    very relaxing, I tried it for my anxiety and PTSD. Glad it worked well now I have something I can rely on.

  3. Bernadette S.

    definitely recommend if your looking for something that helps relax you and provides some pain relief

  4. Carl W.

    Works great all day for me I give it 4 stars cause I’m not a fan of one of the ingredients but I can’t deny it works very well

  5. Anonymous

    works really well and I just ordered more love how Phrenze Red with one dose lasts half a day for me which is unbelievable

  6. Anonymous

    Great supplements for relaxing been taking it for a couple weeks now

  7. Ariel P.

    Works great! I’ve been combining 1 tianaa red with 1 phrenze red the combo of these two herbal supplements really compliment each other well. Shipped quickly and Great customer service from seller

  8. Jacob Gantry

    found this on reddit and read this helps with pain management. Phrenze red capsules are working for my pain but noticed it’s been helping with my stress too.

  9. Anonymous

    great pain supplements, I was reading that Phrenze red helps with stress and helps to relax but I’m also getting great pain relief from it too. Fast shipping and great communication from seller.

  10. Anonymous

    This Phrenze red supplement is very relaxing highly recommend for stress relief

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