K Vape White Kratom Vape Juice – Energy & Focus

K Vape White Vein Kratom Vape Juice 15ml Bottle

Energy & Focus  ReliefEuphoria

K Vape – A New Way To Take Kratom. You Can Vape It Straight Or Use It As An Additive. With An Exceptionally Tasting Juice You’ll Never Put It Down Satisfaction Guaranteed. K Vape Red Kratom Is Natural And Has No Tobacco Or Nicotine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do I use?

You can mix a few drops in your vape juice or you can fill your tank with just straight K Vape. Either way it tastes great and works fast.

What is K Vape White Kratom Made Of?

K Vape is made from the highest quality of kratom in the country, processed/extracted in state of the art clean rooms and then lab tested for quality and safety by third party laboratories.

How much White Kratom is in each bottle?

Each bottle is 15ml and contains 25 grams of high quality kratom powder

What ingredients are in K Vape?

K Vape has kratom, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors

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