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Stop Smoking Today Use Proven Methods Guaranteed To Help You Kick That Butt

Alright so you want to quit smoking for 2019, well your right on time. The last 24 months have brought about some great innovations for exactly this incredible task. If you have struggled in the past to make this happen, your in luck because this time around it’s going to work.

If you have already tried a great many of the different options over the years you have seen first hand that it works some what but has too many variables such as, the liquid, coils, battery, temp, wattage and more. This can be frustrating for someone who is used to simply lighting up.

So whats different now? Well right now the market is offering options that are as simple as lighting up. No more mess, maintenance or complicated settings, just plug and go. The question remains is it right for you and will have the effects your used to? The answer is yes 95% of the time people stop the same day using these options.

How do they work?

The devices now have two parts; battery and cartridge

You charge the battery once a day and refill/replace the cartridge as needed.

How do you use it?

Most are designed for draw activation meaning you drag or pull like you would a cigarette.

Will this actually deliver?

Yes it will, the nicotine levels are enhanced, when you draw and inhale like a cigarette (mouth to lung) the sensation in the back of the throat mimics the draw of a real cigarette.

So you draw, inhale, it kicks you in the throat like a cigarette would, delivers nicotine instantly and helps you completely replace your pack of smokes within 72 hours or less.

This has been my experience personally and helped do the same for hundreds of others the past couple years.

Below you will find items that are related to this topic, these are devices and systems I have used and have turned people on to.

Below here I will include vape liquids for refillable devices that do what I mentioned above

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New Hemp CBD Pods And Nic Pods Coming Soon

Introducing some new items to the site in the upcoming weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying these out in advance and can say price to value is much wow.

Starting with the Airbender CBD Pods, by far the highest concentration I have found containing 200mg of Hemp CBD Oil compatible with America’s Favorite convenient Vape Device the Juul.

The Airbender CBD Pods come as a single pod package cost roughly $20 a pack but the value speaks for itself, most CBD pods contain maybe 50mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, which can vary on price and quantity per package. In my honest opinion 50mg per milliliter isn’t much. Associated Picture To The Left

Now The MNGO Pods are something that was just released not too long ago, they contain 6% nicotine and have 5 pods per pack which is a better value than leading brands which contain 5%  nicotine and 4 pods per pack. These pods cost roughly $20 a pack and are derived from synthetic nicotine not tobacco derived nicotine which can make a huge difference in the taxation and consumer cost when compared to the other leading brands on the market and comparing to emerging markets. I personally think these pods are great, they taste amazing and the throat hit is a bit smoother all in all very excited about both these products. Associated Picture To The Right.

Look out for both these as they will be published and available soon in store and online.


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Todays World Of Alternative Healing Solutions And Current Legal Climate

Yes there many CBD products out on the market now more than ever. If you have found yourself exploring the realm of alternative care then you have more than likely heard about CBD Oil or also known as Hemp Oil.

The research globally has shown how powerful and effective this compound can be, this is also why we are seeing a massive move towards legalizing cannabis worldwide.

If you have been searching for CBD but are uncertain of which one to use or whether or not it’s safe, I want you to know your not alone, millions of people are finding out about CBD Oil, Hemp Oil but discovering there so many choices and very few people can tell you much about it.

Simply put find yourself a reputable source or manufacturer. This is of the utmost importance, there many who want to jump on the trend for profit, and many who already have over the past 24 months. Not all of them are bad but the ones who are the best have been in this industry far longer than 24 months and can have a reputation that backs it up.

Take Green Roads World CBD for example, a highly reputable company who has substantially innovated the industry and has broken through so many federal barriers that they’re reputation proceeds them in the world of celebrities, NFL stars and more going back several years.

There others like Green Roads such as Charlotte’s Web CBD who have also stood the test of time and more. Ofcourse price versus quality and value are on everyone’s mind as insurance does not cover the costs for these products however, when paired up correctly with the precise concentration the results are incredible and the value is great.

Though getting precise answers out of anybody is difficult, this is primarily due to FDA regulations and restrictions on statements relating to it’s performance. Also just as important to note that brain and body chemistry plays a vital role in how it can react with an individual.

So after spending nearly a decade researching, testing and searching abroad I have compiled a great collection of products that are helping thousands of people each year around the globe. Every single item I have brought in to the shop I have tested ahead of time myself as well as sampled out to a test group of my VIPs. This is to ensure safety, quality and proper vetting of the manufacturers who make these awesome products.

This months exclusive CBD product is the Xceptor CBD Cream, I had the pleasure of testing this out a year in advance and was pleasantly delighted with incredibly powerful and swift results, it eased my aches within minutes allowing me to fall asleep faster and overall sleep better.

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Kratom Under Scrutiny Once Again New Developments

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Credit Card Company’s Shutting Us Down Again?! CBD And Kratom Under Fire Once More

It’s a sad day, if your a supporter of CBD, Kratom, Holistic Healing or Alternative Healing this is what is happening behind the scenes folks.

Sorry to say the option to pay with credit card has once more been stripped from the website, an inevitable consequence of offering CBD or Kratom to the public. There is nothing illegal about these products what so ever but some how a powerful lobbying group manages to keep everything in check.

Whats crazy about all this is that both are helping millions of people, children to adults you name it many are finding relief now. Can’t help but think in a few short years marijuana will become distributed to the masses by corporations, yes the same corporations that own everything now and by that time I’m sure Visa and the rest will be very happy to support that industry.

Meantime, presently they’re destroying everyone who started this grassroots movement from the farmers/cultivators to the distributions down to the little guys like me and other retailers.

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Curious About Kratom I Can Help Answer Your Questions

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Stay Informed Learn About CBD Now

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Kratom What Is It And How does It Work All Answered

Kratom what is it? How does it work? Most Importantly can it help you?

Kratom AKA Metrigina Speciosa is

  • A Plant
  • Origin Asia Pacific, South Pacific
  • Commonly Relating To The Coffee Family
  • Safe When Used Appropriately And Purchased From Reputable Sources

How it works is unique, the active ingredient in kratom (alkaloids) stimulate the same part of your brain (receptors) as leading brands do, difference is it is natural, safe and highly effective.

There many applications, over the years I’ve helped thousands find relief they seek with great success all of them with varying circumstances.

You or a loved one should consult with your primary care giver before trying anything. If used in small doses and responsibly it can be a life saver. If abused it can be mildly habit forming. Please be responsible and do your research. I’m always here to answer questions and guide you in the right direction.

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Curious About Kratom For Best Practices Ask The Experts Call Or Stop By Today

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CBD Heals Can It Help You Or A Loved One Today