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CBD Under Investigation NBC News

This Is Why I Vet All The Companys I Conduct Business With. Over The Last Five Years I Have Seen Many CBD Companys come And Go, But My Process Has Remained The Same.

I Ask All The Important Questions So You Dont Have To. CBD Products Work When You Have The Correct Guidance, This Article Clearly Shows Us, All CBD Are Not Equal As Some Contain Less CBD Than Advertised.

CBD Oil Investigation NBC News

Watch NBC Investigative Video Here :

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CBD | An Intro To Alternative Treatments And Improved Quality Of Life

Quality CBD Visit  Continue reading CBD | An Intro To Alternative Treatments And Improved Quality Of Life

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Have you Checked Out My New CBD Only Site? It Accepts Credit And Debit Securely

It’s where I Test And Review CBD Products On YouTube In The Shop And If It Passes Quality Control I Make It Available For Everyone.

Tired Of Guessing Which CBD Product Is Safe And Effective?

That’s Why I Started This Its To Help You And Your Loved Ones Find Quality CBD Products With Ease.

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Extreme Stress Reliever Phenibut Back In Stock





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CBD It Can Relieve But More Importantly Heals Naturally Find Out More Credit Cards Now Accepted On New Site


Everyones talking about CBD but few actually know what it is and how it works. Today I will discuss some of the basics including the science behind it all.

Many of you have heard the term full spectrum cbd or broad spectrum cbd, so what does it mean? Well they are similar in many ways. So a high quality hemp CBD product will and should contain full or broad spectrum. Heres why, the science shows us in detail.

You and the human species all have an endocannabinoid system or ECS. Yes we all have it and pets too. In the ECS there receptors that utilize cbd called CB1 and CB2 receptors located from your brain all the way to your heart.

The ECS interacts and is intricately working together with your nervous system and your immune system.

When high quality cbd is used for a period of time the receptors are activated and send a strong signal to boost and optimize your immune system and nervous system.

So going back to full or broad spectrum they are kind of the same, for quality cbd to work properly in your ECS you would need full spectrum the culmination of all the useful compounds in hemp that activate and interact with the Endocannabinoid System.

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CBD Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CBD?

The Health Benefits Of Cannabidiol Are Well Established. We All Have An Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Is A Group Of Endogenous Cannabinoid Receptors Located In The Brain And Throughout The Central And Peripheral Nervous Systems, consisting Of Neuromodulatory Lipids And their Receptors. CBD Specifically Interacts With the CB1 And CB2 Receptors That Send Signals To Wake Up And Strengthen the Immune System Naturally. This Is Because Our Endocannabinoid System Is Intricately Linked To Our Nervous System And Immune System, As Well As Our Brain And Digestive System. Quality CBD Is An Effective Form Of Alternative Natural Treatment To Many Ailments And Illnesses Of Various Types.

Are All The CBD Products On This Site THC FREE?

Yes Legally I Am Only Allowed To Carry THC FREE CBD, I Operate A Store That Can Only Carry And Offer Hemp Derived CBD Products.

Are The CBD Products On This Site Safe?

Yes, I and My Test Group Of 5 Years Put Every CBD Product To The Test Before Offering It In The Shop Or Online.

Are All CBD Products Safe In General?

As Of The Last 12 Months There Have Been A Lot Of Regulation Ensuring Only A Few Certified Facilities Handled CBD Terms Of Manufacturing, Processing And Bottling For Other Company’s.

However, The Market Is Still Unsafe Because Of Counterfeiting, Those Participating In Said Activities Are Filling Stores With Untested Oils For Cheaper And Destroying The Name And Reputation Of Other Well Established And Compliant Brands By Using Their Packaging Or Labels.

What Process Is Used To Ensure A CBD Product Is Safe Before Listing On This Site?

Before I Bring In A product, I Require A Thorough And Transparent Overview Of Who, What, Where To Understand The Company. Then I Dive Into Their History, Background. Then I Look Into Their Processes For How They Make Their Oil. Looking Deeper I Review Their Lab Work On Various Batches, And Further Look Into Who The Lab Is And Their Credibility.

If All That Checks Out I Order Samples For Myself And My Test Group To Try And Determine If It’s A Great CBD Addition To Our Growing Collection.

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Halo CBD Vape 1000mg Carts Are Back In Stock!



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Kratom’s Fate The Future Of Our Country And The Aftermath Of Prohibition

I want to talk a little about what may or may not occur if this plant gets banned.

For those of you just finding out about kratom, a plant closely related to coffee, it has been helping millions of Americans over the years find an alternative for relief of all sorts.

What kind of relief? well it’s been said by many if used responsibly you can find short term and long term pain management, anxiety relief, stress relief and ofcourse energy and focus depending what you are seeking.

Now The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has deemed kratom unfit for human consumption and has restricted what can be said about it’s potential uses.

To keep this post short simply, if banned not only will there be major push back by the people but more so we will begin to see a black market arise for research chemicals, illicit drugs, heroin and synthetic opiods and much more. Prohibition doesn’t work, for nearly a century we have been oppressed and under educated about natural resources including plant healing.

Marijuana is just one example that is in main stream now, but not too long ago it wasn’t and had been oppressed by powerful groups for a long time, a plant folks, a plant…

So, if a ban on kratom is to proceed the likely hood of illegal markets such as illicit drugs (heroin laced with fentynol), drug trafficking, more black market pharma drugs and potentially more deaths will probably rise creating another national epidemic. 

Be part of the solution and call your congressman today! Lets save lives.

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Stop Smoking Today Use Proven Methods Guaranteed To Help You Kick That Butt

Alright so you want to quit smoking for 2019, well your right on time. The last 24 months have brought about some great innovations for exactly this incredible task. If you have struggled in the past to make this happen, your in luck because this time around it’s going to work.

If you have already tried a great many of the different options over the years you have seen first hand that it works some what but has too many variables such as, the liquid, coils, battery, temp, wattage and more. This can be frustrating for someone who is used to simply lighting up.

So whats different now? Well right now the market is offering options that are as simple as lighting up. No more mess, maintenance or complicated settings, just plug and go. The question remains is it right for you and will have the effects your used to? The answer is yes 95% of the time people stop the same day using these options.

How do they work?

The devices now have two parts; battery and cartridge

You charge the battery once a day and refill/replace the cartridge as needed.

How do you use it?

Most are designed for draw activation meaning you drag or pull like you would a cigarette.

Will this actually deliver?

Yes it will, the nicotine levels are enhanced, when you draw and inhale like a cigarette (mouth to lung) the sensation in the back of the throat mimics the draw of a real cigarette.

So you draw, inhale, it kicks you in the throat like a cigarette would, delivers nicotine instantly and helps you completely replace your pack of smokes within 72 hours or less.

This has been my experience personally and helped do the same for hundreds of others the past couple years.

Below you will find items that are related to this topic, these are devices and systems I have used and have turned people on to.

Below here I will include vape liquids for refillable devices that do what I mentioned above

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New Hemp CBD Pods And Nic Pods Coming Soon

Introducing some new items to the site in the upcoming weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying these out in advance and can say price to value is much wow.

Starting with the Airbender CBD Pods, by far the highest concentration I have found containing 200mg of Hemp CBD Oil compatible with America’s Favorite convenient Vape Device the Juul.

The Airbender CBD Pods come as a single pod package cost roughly $20 a pack but the value speaks for itself, most CBD pods contain maybe 50mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, which can vary on price and quantity per package. In my honest opinion 50mg per milliliter isn’t much. Associated Picture To The Left

Now The MNGO Pods are something that was just released not too long ago, they contain 6% nicotine and have 5 pods per pack which is a better value than leading brands which contain 5%  nicotine and 4 pods per pack. These pods cost roughly $20 a pack and are derived from synthetic nicotine not tobacco derived nicotine which can make a huge difference in the taxation and consumer cost when compared to the other leading brands on the market and comparing to emerging markets. I personally think these pods are great, they taste amazing and the throat hit is a bit smoother all in all very excited about both these products. Associated Picture To The Right.

Look out for both these as they will be published and available soon in store and online.